Dear All,

I would like to invite you for a lecture that will be given by prof. Abram de Swaan, on April 29th

1. 13.00 (1 pm) in the Department of Social Studies, University of Wrocław, Koszarowa Street 3, room 240


2. 18.00 (6 pm) in the Edyth Stein House, Nowowiejska Street 38.

The title of the lecture:
 The civilizing process: alternative pathways. A view from the 21st century
 The lecture will be given in English, but Polish texts will be distributed as well. After the lecture there will be a discussion, which will also be translated.  
Profesor De Swaan has been invited to Wrocław by the House of Peace Foundation, together with the University of Wrocław, Department of Social Studies (prof. Jan Maciejewski), the Edyth Stein Society in Wrocław (Ulrike Poetzsch) and with the cooperation of the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw. The idee behind this meeting is to continue the discussion about the heritage of Norbert Elias, one of the famous citizens of Wrocław, especially about his theories about civilization. You are all invited!
Hoping to meet You there.
Best regards,
Edward Skubisz,  0048 6 987 39 231
Norbert EliasNorbert Elias (born in 1897 in Wrocław, died in 1990 in Amsterdam) was a famous German (Frankfurt am Main) and English (Leicester) professor in social studies. He is especially known for his "Civilizing Process". In this study, first published in 1939, translated into English in 1969, Norbert Elias investigates how the terms of power, science, emotion and behavior developed in the European culture. He write day activities during centuriesand also analyses, in a marvelous way, the changes in the culture of living, eating and of other every. He tries to answer the question about the meaning of violence and war.
Abram de Swaan (born in Amsterdam, January 8th 1942), professor of social science at the University of Amsterdam since 1973. In the years 1987 till 1997 he was the dean of the Amsterdam School of Social Science Research and has been its chairman since 1997. He was the editor of the popular cultural review De Gids (est. 1837) as of 1969 till 1991 and contributed to many cultural and scientifical periodicals.
In 2007 he was awarded the PC Hooft Price. He received this prestigious literary award for his essays.
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